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Our courses are composed by robust science allied to practical knowledge in subjects such as aquaculture technology, fish welfare, biology, nutrition, health, management and marketing. The courses are supported by a team of expert tutors who are available to answer questions, run online tutorials and discussions via the course learning platform.

FAI Academy

Global Sustainable Aquaculture

Take your aquaculture expertise to the next level and develop your career.

FAI Academy

Vertebrate or Invertebrate Aquatic Species Biology

Get your Postgraduate Certificate in Biology of Vertebrate and Invertebrate Aquatic species.
FAI Academy

Postgraduate in Aquaculture

Get you Postgraduate Diploma in Aquaculture
FAI Academy

Certificate in Sustainable Marine Aquaculture

College level modules on Sustainable Marine Aquaculture Production and Business
FAI Academy

Modular Short Courses

Sustainable Aquaculture Postgraduate modules 12 week courses, focusing on specific areas of interest.
Cleaner Fish- FAI Academy

Cleaner Fish

Learn in detail how to plan and manage a sustainable sea lice control by using cleaner fish.
Tilapia Welfare - FAI Academy

Welfare in Tilapia Production Guideline Series

Integrate the well-established knowledge of animal welfare sciences, in the daily routines of tilapia production.


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