Farmers and the food sector are under extreme pressure to respond to the twin crises of climate change and biodiversity loss. Amid the challenges, regenerative agriculture offers hope and practical direction for how we can capture carbon, enrich soil, enhance ecosystem services and restore vitality of farming communities.

Regenerative Agriculture - FAI Academy

A Citizen's Guide to Regenerative Agriculture

This course will give people, eaters and food-citizens a deeper understanding of the principles, practices and earth-changing potential of regenerative agriculture.
Regenerative Farming - FAI Academy

Getting Started with Regenerative Farming

An 8-week long, in-depth online course for farmers and land managers who want to embark on a full transition to farming regeneratively on their land.
Regenerative Agriculture - FAI Academy

The Foundations of Regenerative Agriculture

Through tailored online learning we help supply chain professionals better understand the challenges and opportunities of regenerative agriculture.


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