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Through FAI’s own regenerative farming journey, we have observed that transitioning farms to regenerative agriculture requires a very different strategy to the conventional ways that supply chain managers have implemented sustainability measures in the past. It requires managers to take the time to understand the complexity that regenerative agriculture embraces.

This ground-breaking course is designed to help food supply chain professionals better understand the challenges and opportunities of moving towards supply networks that actively regenerate our planet, and how they can effectively influence and drive this change.

Learn how to adopt an agroecological approach that can reduce or remove the financially and environmentally high input costs, prevent disease, sequester carbon and buffer the effects of drought and flood – moving farms toward a more resilient and consistently productive system.

After completing this course, you will have a solid grasp of what it means to embrace regenerative agriculture, working with rather than against nature. This course is aimed at food supply chain professionals – including executives, investors, buyers, and managers or anyone interested or involved in influencing supply chains.

For a brief introduction to regenerative agriculture and why we are focussing on it, click here.

FAI Farms and Roots of Nature’s Caroline Grindrod will be hosting an open access live webinar session to kick-start this course. It will include a short introduction to the course and provide an opportunity to meet fellow course attendees and ask any questions you may have. To register your interest please email


The course takes approximately 10 hours to complete, is self-led and hosted online:

Become equipped with knowledge of what it means to adopt regenerative agriculture for all terrestrial food animals
Develop your capacity for working with complexity, opening the door to the development of new supply networks
An initial and final remote live session will be offered where you can ask questions, recap on what you have learned, and explore the potential ways in which you can apply your new understanding in your own context.
An optional follow-up site visit to a regenerative beef farm
Additional learning resources throughout the modules, giving you the opportunity to deepen your understanding even further


This course comprises the following five different modules, featuring interactive content and regular knowledge checks:

1) Introductory live online session (can be tailored for group/company bookings)
2) Five self-lead online modules featuring interactive content and regular knowledge checks

The basics – An introduction to what regenerative agriculture is, how is it defined and described?
Ecosystems – Learn how regenerative agriculture works with nature’s ecosystems and affects natures dynamic networks
Case studies – Four themes highlight regenerative practices employing the use of case studies
Paradigm shift – Discover the holistic approaches that regenerative agriculture encompasses/employs
Transitioning supply chains – Grasp the ideas on how to design regenerative practices into your supply chain
3) Concluding live online session (can be tailored for group/company bookings)


For many current stories of people and solutions that are shaping the regenerative future for food and farming, our Farm Gate Podcast with Farmwel has fortnightly episodes covering topics such as regenerative finance, scaling regenerative, regenerative agriculture for kids, regenerative oceans and many more. Our podcast will complement your regenerative agriculture training by keeping you up to date with what’s currently going on within the regenerative farming network.

Soon to come is our producer-focussed ‘Practical Regenerative Agriculture’ course aimed at those working directly with our land, providing guidance on what adopting regenerative principles looks like on the ground and in a farmer’s day-to-day life. To register you interest in this particular course and to be added to our dedicated course mailing list please email


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